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In the world of fixing things, random solutions don’t always work. This is a story about how, at an exhibition, we met Mr. Jagdale and how S.R. Sales and Services helped Chira Meadows Eco Resort in Dapoli, Ratnagiri, when their pumping system was causing them regular trouble. Come along as we talk about our experience with the resort’s owner, Mr. Jagdale, and how we solved their water problems.

Revealing the Problem:

Our journey started at an exhibition, where we met Mr. Jagdale. We were pumping system dealers and solution-based service providers, and when Mr. Jagdale shared his resort’s troubles, we were eager to help. He told us about their pumping system, which was installed on a lower water tank and provided water all over the resort.

This setup caused frequent shutdowns and water stops at the resort. Mr. Jagdale invited us to visit the resort. When Mr. Jagdale invited us to check it out, we agreed, understanding the seriousness of the situation.

Seeking Solutions:

When we saw it as a chance to understand the problem better, after inspecting the site, it was clear that there were flaws in how the pumping system was chosen and installed. Determined to help, we promised to analyze the situation carefully and provide our expertise to find a solution.

Creating the Correct Solution:

With the information we gathered from our evaluation, we came up with a unique solution designed specifically for Chira Meadows Ecoresort. We recommended replacing the existing pumping system with a more suitable alternative and rectifying any installation discrepancies.

Our goal was straightforward: to ensure the resort’s water supply system operates reliably and efficiently. Following the creation of the correct solution, we provided Mr. Jagdale with detailed explanations of all pumping system operations. After hearing all the information, they want a commitment from us that the system will function correctly. In response, we assured them that we would address all problems, ensuring the system works seamlessly after installation.

Execution and Success:

After installing the new pumping system and adjusting the system, Chira Meadows Ecoresort underwent a remarkable change. No more sudden stops or water troubles. Now, there’s a constant flow of water, making guests happier, and everything runs smoother. Plus, the fact that there were no maintenance issues after the installation proved that our solution worked perfectly.

Grateful Responses:

Mr. Jagdale and his team expressed heartfelt gratitude for our assistance. Their comments resonated with the positive impact of our solution, highlighting significant savings in electricity and money achieved since the installation. Their satisfaction further motivates our commitment to delivering excellent service and creating a positive impact.


While selecting a pumping system, it’s crucial to conduct a site inspection and explore all available sources. This helps in choosing a water pumping system design compatible with the site. Through careful planning and customized fixes, S.R. Sales and Services provides you with on-site consultations in order to recommend an ideal pumping system tailored to your needs.

Our expert engineers analyze every detail, from pumping system suitability to fittings and the existing system. We make every effort to ensure your satisfaction.