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At S.R. Sales and Services Pune, our vision is to revolutionize water management with tailored pumping systems. As dedicated pressure booster pump dealers, we offer cutting-edge solutions for efficient water circulation and innovative heat pump water heaters for water heating. Positioned as your one-stop shop, we provide reliability, efficiency, and excellence with a personalized touch. Embrace innovation as we redefine your water management experience with top-notch pressure booster pump solutions and services.

Pressure Booster Pump

Our portfolio features top pressure booster pump companies like Durafos, Grundfos, Wilo, Kirloskar, Crompton, and CRI. As a dedicated provider, we are proud to be associated with these brands, delivering excellence in water management in Pune and PCMC. From durability to cutting-edge technology, we offer reliable and efficient pressure-boosting solutions tailored to diverse needs.

Heat pump water heaters

Heat pump water heaters are Modern, efficient, and eco-friendly, heat pump water heaters save energy, cut utility costs, and suit homes, commercials, and industries.  Choose a heat pump water heater for a smart, efficient, and environmentally friendly hot water solution. We are proud to be associated with top heat pump companies—A.O. Smith, V-Guard, Jaguar, Havells, Benchmark, and Kehems. As dedicated providers, we integrate their cutting-edge, energy-efficient heating solutions into our offerings. Our commitment ensures excellence and sustainability, meeting diverse needs with reliable, high-performance systems.

Pump Automation

Pump automation is like a smart system for pumps. It uses sensors to figure out when to turn the pump on or off based on things like how much water is there or the pressure. This is handy in homes, farms, and industries. It makes the pump work just right without needing people to do it manually. Setting it up involves connecting sensors to a control box, and it needs occasional checks to keep working well. Overall, pump automation makes things easier, saves resources, and makes sure the pump works smoothly.


A domestic pressure booster pump is designed to enhance water flow, ensuring consistent and adequate pressure for daily activities. Domestic heat pump water heaters, ensuring a constant flow of hot water for daily needs in the home.


A commercial pressure booster pump is designed to increase water pressure in various applications such as commercial buildings, office facilities. Commercial Heat pump Ideal for offices and retail, heat pumps provide energy-efficient heating and water heating solutions.


An industrial pressure booster pump is a specialized pump to increase the pressure of fluids, typically water in industrial applications. Industrial Heat pumps play a vital role in temperature control for manufacturing, food processing, and chemical production processes.

How We Work?

Connect with S.R Sales and Services for all your water pumping solutions and experience excellence in action! We are the most Trusted Partner in Water Solutions.

We offer on-site consultations in order to recommend an ideal pumping system tailored to your needs. Our expert engineers analyze every detail – from pump suitability to fittings and existing pressure. We leave no stone unturned to ensure your satisfaction.


Our commitment at S.R Sales and Services is straightforward yet unwavering: we will give you 100% customer-satisfaction-guaranteed solutions. You may see in a little animated film how we made water pumping system problems into a smooth, trouble-free experience.

Along with identifying the issue, we also provide a thorough remedy and an accurate quotation. The improvements were quickly implemented and have resulted in trouble-free operations, ultimately resolving. 

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“Outstanding product and service! S R Sales and services delivered beyond expectations. Exceptional professionalism, prompt responses, and a top-notch product. Highly recommend!”

Akshay Bhambure

“It was a great experience, you did a good job, I will get all the work done from you, Thank you.”

Shrikant Shirole

“Absolutely thrilled with the exceptional service provided by the pressure pump team! From start to finish, they exhibited professionalism, expertise, and a genuine dedication to solving my needs. The pump works flawlessly, thanks to their prompt and efficient installation. Their attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond truly sets them apart. Kudos to the team for their outstanding service.”

Nilesh Dhage

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