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Pump Automation

Water level controller


  • Automatic Water Level Monitoring: Continuously monitors the water level in the tank or reservoir.

  • Overflow Prevention: Automatically stops water inflow when the tank reaches a preset maximum level to prevent overflow.

  • Pump Control: Automatically controls the water pump to start or stop based on the water level requirements.

  • Manual Override: Allows users to manually control the water pump or override automatic settings if needed.

  • Multiple Tank Support: Some systems can monitor and control water levels in multiple tanks or compartments.

  • LCD Display or Indicator Lights: Displays current water level, system status, and alerts using a user-friendly interface.

  • Compatibility with Different Types of Pumps: Designed to work with various types of water pumps, including submersible pumps and jet pumps.

  • User-Configurable Settings: Allows users to set customized water level thresholds, pump delay times, and other parameters.

  • Compatibility with Different Tank Materials: Designed to work with tanks made from different materials such as plastic, concrete, or metal.

  • Ease of Installation: Designed for easy installation with clear instructions and minimal wiring.

  • Durability and Weather Resistance: Built to withstand various environmental conditions, especially if installed outdoors.


  • Residential Pump System

  • Agricultural Irrigation Pump System

  • Industrial Pump System

  • Smart Homes