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About Director

During the tough times of embarking on this journey in the year 2001 with the name S.R Sales & Services, I stepped into this sector with full confidence but lack of support. I was a complete newcomer to this sector. However, with my small team, I initiated repairs and maintenance of pumps and pumping systems. Furthermore, after establishing ourselves in this sector, we expanded our services to include pumping system pipeline installations in domestic, rural, and industrial sectors.

As we developed our presence in this sector, an opportunity arose to collaborate with The Crompton Group as an Authorized Service Dealer for the entire district, a partnership that lasted for 8 years. Within this period, we commenced sales of pumps and pumping systems, offering customization to cater to customer preferences.

Due to evolving human lifestyles and applications, we are receiving diverse requirements for Pressure Booster Pumps from various customers including builders, construction companies, industrial firms, row-houses, hotels, resorts, commercial offices, and housing societies. Consider a scenario: when someone requires a Pressure Booster pump, they visit a pump shop or dealer to purchase it. Subsequently, they engage a plumber for installation. However, in such cases, customers often lack awareness of their actual requirements and the potential mistakes they might make due to their limited expertise. Incorrect pump installation or selection can result in wastage of water and electricity, leading to long-term losses for the customer. This is where we come in. We thoroughly analyze these challenges and customer needs, presenting them with better choices within their budget constraints. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has led to a steady increase in our customer base.

Throughout this journey, I, Shivaji Kshirsagar , as the proprietor, have acquired valuable insights such as fostering innovation, overcoming weaknesses, and establishing strong customer support. Above all, the most crucial lesson I’ve learned is that ” if you start with something, don’t give up until you finish it. No matter what will be the end result, stay optimistic in all the situations.”

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